DBI framework for fuzzing on the board, part I.

I started a bit researching around fuzzers, fuzzing techniques and practices. As i study materials about fuzzing, code (node / edge) coverage approach quickly impressed me. But for this method is essential to have a good dbi. Pin or valgrind are good solutions, but will i try to make it in lightweight way – specificated for further fuzzing needs.

Already implemented features :

  • BTF – Hypervisor based
  • PageTable walker
  • VAD walker
  • full Process control [images, threads, memory]
  • Syscall monitoring – implemented process virtual memory monitor

Monitor everything you want (in Intel vt-x style)

Virtualization can be utilized to reach various goals as monitoring system, system resources and applications as well. It can be used for full system virtualuzation, but i like apporach using it just as a tool too . This post will shortly cover implementation of mini-hypervisor (which is now available on github) for intel vt-x on x64 platform, and demonstrate concept how-to-use-it.


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